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Water at upstream applications

home9Produced water is a fluid that has no direct commercial value but in our industry has an indirect value in some instances as it is re-injected into producing formations to enhance production. It is a fluid that is cleaned to less than I mg/l with removals of particulate to 95% of 2 microns. In looking at it, it looks like drinking water but can be 100 times cleaner. But the main point in claiming it is a unique fluid is in the make up of the water. It is normally full of soluble iron and barium to name a few solids, it is three to ten times saltier than sea water and cannot be removed from it's environment or it changes. All tests have to be carried out in line as it cannot be transported as a fluid without change. For instance if a sample is taken and oxygen or air is allowed to mix with the sample, the iron combines with the oxygen to form iron oxide and hence the sample is flawed. Also, in many cases, the fluid contains gas and bacteria that will change the composition of the fluid when trying to take a sample to a lab to carry out tests.

Source: Produced Water Society

Produced Water Regulatory Requirements Around the World

Water at downstream applications:

wateremissionRefining crude oil by fractional distillation produces refined oils (fuels) such as Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Naphtha, Motor oil, etc. Many of the products, which come from this refining process, are carcinogenic and contain volatile organic compounds (VOC's) such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene. These compounds are harmful to humans/animals and when present in lakes, rivers, streams, etc, they are a major public health risk. Monitoring of aquatic environments for refined oils (fuels) is another way to provide awareness of increasing contamination so that protocols may be implemented to avoid hazardous situations.

Water Intake at Dunea:

duneaDunea is one of the largest drinking water suppliers in the Netherlands. Dunea produces and supplies around 1,2 million customers high quality and reliable drinking water in the western part of the Netherlands. A recent project at Dunea was to monitor the water intake on traces of diesel fuel coming from ships and agricultural transport heading through the river.

btexpahWith KPS having an installed base of oil in water monitors at many onshore and offshore locations, KPS was selected to build this oil in water monitor for protection of the water treatment facility. A requirement of this water intake point was that the amount of diesel / fuel oil could be monitored with accuracies of a few PPB (parts per billion).

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Produced Water Applications

Cooling Water Applications

Tank Dewatering

Desalter water discharge

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